Tone It Up Tuesday!





One month ago I started the Healthiest Loser challenge and today was the second weigh in for it. In order to be as accurate as I can I had to drag myself get out of bed at 530am! After getting to the location around 550, my persistence and determination has paid off!!! I am down 8 lbs in about a month!!! They will not be doing an update to show where I am at in comparison to everyone else which the competitive side of me really wants that but being 8 lbs down is a victory for myself.

This week also is the start of Week 2 of the Go Fit Gals 6 Week Shape Up plan. I am feeling good going into this week. The past two weeks we chose from the same list of foods but I LOVE the choices so far. I can not wait to test out the next 4 weeks recipes.

My favorite meals so far are:
Breakfast – Oatmeal
Lunch – Tuna meal
Dinner – Beef stew and chicken meal are tied!

My go to snacks have been:
AM – celery and PB
PM – Larabars

When I first started this program I never tried the Larabars. Boy was I missing out on some yummy goodness!!! Thanks to GO FIT GALS, I now have a secret obsession with them.

Not only are the meals good eating, but they keep you full also.  I never feel like I’m depriving myself.

Are you someone who needs a good at home workout without spending hundreds of dollars on machines that eventually just because dust collectors? If you answered “Yes!” than you need to check out Go Fit Gals. These are not your normal routines. I love the variety and how they provide you with descriptions and a video to follow along too. I am looking forward to the next 4 weeks with the Go Fit Gals.

Fit and Fabulous Friday!


I love the after a workout feeling!! How could you not?

So we have made it to Friday! (FINALY!!!) How was everyone’s week? Anything new and exciting happen this week? Remember just because it’s the weekend doesn’t mean you can “undo” all your hard work this weekend by eating crap! Stay motivated!!